Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I cant believe its only tuesday! This week is going to be soooo long.
All my friends have situations going on in their lives and its so interesting to see how much we have grown, we went from having all this teenage drama to having adult problems, Jessica and i are both struggling w/ money, and Kaddy and B are struggling in their love life's. over all i'm really happy for Jessica right now though, she seems really happy in her relationship, the whole time she was here she didn't stop talking about Jordan. I talked to B for hours yesterday, we talked about what she wants in her life and what id like to see for her, we talked about her love life and mine. it was great, I love everything about that chick!
Andrea leaves for London today, and she basically said she wouldn't compensate me, so i'm going to do service and hope that the lord will bless me for it. Its hard to think that a mother could leave her child for 5 days and just think we should watch him out of love but I will, b/c i have nothing to gain from being as stubborn as her.
yesterday Jacob and I spent the evening at his parents house, I guess i spend so much time at my parents house that I never think about being home sick, but i can tell that jacob was missing the house he grew up in and his family. He was in such a good mood just hanging out over there. i love to see him happy. Its important to me when all the people i love are happy.

Monday, August 25, 2008


So I have big news today! Logan started walking! He looks like a little monkey w/ his arms in the air and he’s so proud of himself, so he’s talking and smiling and laughing. I cant get enough of him! He is amazing!

I had a whole girls weekend, it was great. Jessica and my cousin Caitlyn were in town, so I was able to spend a lot of time in the pool sun bathing and I was also able to go skinny dipping. I saw sex and the city and see all the girls again after it had been so long! Sat night/ sun morning I went home and couldn’t stop talking I wasn’t even pausing between words, Jacob just kept laughing at me cause I wouldn’t shut up!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I was so excited about my boys being back in school, stupid me! thinking that once school was back in they would go back to their old selves I was so WRONG they were good yesterday but C was quick to throw a fit today when he didn't get his way. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The only bright side is that this making him stay in his room till he writes a certain amount of sentences thing is starting to work fairly well, today's sentence was, I C. will earn the things I want by using my good manners and my kind words. Dillons bad attitude isn't much better. I think V knows that her inconstancy is so bad for them so she was hard core about the idea of me sticking to my word.
GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!!! Oh my goodness! so since Jacob doesn't get home till midnight its nice to keep myself entertained w/ family and friends but for like the last month the only people I have really spent time w/ is Jacob and my family. It was so nice to see the girls and talk about what is going on in their lives! Kaddy was super cool and chatty the way she only is w/ good friends plus she was in a super good mood since her loser roommate had just moved out, and B had just come from Dustin's house (of course) and me and Kaddy tried to convince her to start a blog called "Whats going on w/ B and Dustin now". I'm really curious all the time, are they together are they just friends? are they on speaking terms? are they in love? are they in like? are they in hate? WHATS GOING ON?!?!?! I guess that's my big question, but I know its over all none of my business.
Im getting really excited for Jessica to come visit! its going to be nice for everyone to get together. oh if anyone is looking for a babysitting job in Scottsdale let me know b/c i know someone who is looking for a nanny.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So my ward likes to introduce all the new couples by asking them to give a talk in church, so today was the Anderson's turn, I can honestly say i don't love speaking in church, I'm sure its more of a benefit to me then the people I spoke to. Jacob only took about 15 min putting his talk together , it took me like 3 days! It went well and I was happy to be the first speaker.
HURRAY! tomorrow is the first day of school so i'll be back to my normal schedule @ work, and the house is almost done being remodeled so i wont have people talking to me all the time and keeping me from getting stuff done. I also think that the boys will be warn out and more relaxed. If I were to make a thankful list I think "the start of the new school year" would be on it.
I want to be more spontaneous! maybe I can talk someone into going to the grand canyon w/ me, if you want to come let me know, maybe we could even ride a burro. I trimmed like 3 inches off my hair and I still have split ends, if anyone knows a good product or an ancient Indian cure for split ends please share your info cause I NEED it!

Friday, August 8, 2008


yesterday may have been one of the wost days iv ever had at my job. Connor has been acting horribly and treating everyone around him poorly. he turned 9 and i think he automatically became a teenager, hes been rude and flat out mean to his mom, brother, and me. Im not going to recap the whole story of yesterday for several reasons
1. it would take to long
2. I wont be able to get over it if i keep rehashing it
and 3. iv already told the story to several people and its starting to get old.
its just been a long stressful week and i don't know how Jessica did it on a regular basis b/c im telling you all i can think about is the weekend. I'm going to sit on my butt, eat till I cant breath and cheer for America while i watch the Olympics. i usually spend every sat doing a re clean of my apt so i can stand to be in it w/ out feeling like I'm going to die from the stress of my hectic mess and Victoria's hectic life. its just way to much for a completely unorganized person like me!!!!!!!
im so excite to spend time w/ Jacob! ugg! week end!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

# 1

So I have given into the hype of a blog, I’m not really sure I have all that much to talk about but hey I can blabber like nobody’s business.
Jacob started a new job this week, he works 3:30 pm to 12am and this is the boys last week before school starts so they are out of camp this week, needless to say Jacob and I will be seeing very little of each other all week L, for example, Today I will be working 12 hours and its not so bad considering the boys are being good, but I’ll end up overnighting and I wont see Jacob till Fri. I hate being away from him for to long, when I was in tx I was so lonely w/ out him. I know it sounds lame, as if im not independent but iv done the whole alone thing and I much prefer the whole together thing. Honestly I think i'm in love. Getting married has been the best thing iv ever done. I have fun all the time and I’m never alone, I have never been so happy or felt so loved.
Its my bosses Birthday next week, if anyone has any ideas on what to get
her let me know b/c the woman has literally everything!
Anyway I have 4 more official hours of work then I get to sleep in a bunk bed! Hurray for me!