Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just wanted to blog to let everyone know what's going on with me. I got the last week off and was able to hang out for 9 straight days, it was so wonderful that I considered quitting my job and doing nothing for a living, but instead I interviewed for a second job and was hired on! I will be working with a family who have a 15 month old down syndrome daughter. I am actually pretty excited to spend time with a sweet little girl, with a sweet little spirit and who doesn't have a sassy little mouth. In all honesty I'm actually really excited to have a little extra income every month.
This week is Jacob's spring break so he has been spending his mornings sleeping in, playing video games, and talking about how he may never go back to school (he will be back next Mon.).
recently I was called to be a teacher in Relief Society and will be teaching for the first time on Sunday, I am completely Nervous! I have been sick all week and have gotten almost nothing accomplished on my lesson, so i think Sunday's lesson is going to be pretty awful! Please wish me luck that I don't tank.