Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why its great to be overweight!

We live in a word where unfortunately we (mostly women) are judged by pounds and I often see people fall into a sort of despair when they start to see the numbers go up on the scale. I admit that even I get a little depressed too, but then I pick myself up and remember why its great to be overweight!

Reason #1 of why its great to be overweight! when I sluurp down that Dr. Pepper or have that piece of cake I don't feel guilty, just like I don't feel guilty eating a chicken brest with some celery. Food isn't just fuel, its a joy of life, so I'm going to enjoy it!

Reason #2 of why its great to be over weight! I don't waste my time complaining about how fat I look, I am overweight! I know how I look!

Reason #3 of why its great to be overweight! extra pounds don't make me less! they make me more!

The pure and simple truth is my value doesn't go down based on the number the scale says, or the size of my jeans! I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and he doesn't think less of me based on my weight, so often I hear people obsessing over weight and not in that "I can do it! I can lose it!" kind of way, they do it in " I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm worthless" kind of way. Somehow women have got it in their heads that if they gain weight they are no longer desirable, well today my scale said 194.8 and I don't have any doubt that I AM LOVED! I'm not judged on how good I look in a mini skirt, I know that people like me for the person I am. don't forget, a long time ago I would have been considered a Greek goddess!

NOW! go look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful, and that you are loved, and thank the Lord for your amazing body! Then go enjoy a desert!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“Madziso haana hurombo” Translated, “The eyes know no poverty.”

I have a new love! Window shopping and day dreaming. I am finding that I actually enjoy going to a store, looking at all there stuff and walking out with noting in my hands. Today I went to Hobby Lobby and didn't even bring my purse in so that way I wouldn't be tempted. This may not be fun for everyone though, but for me I feel like I get to go out and shop, I get to day dream about where I would put this or that, and when I window shop I fit into a size six :) and the only thing I had to pay for was the gas that got me there. Yesterday I was watching a church video that said we should ignore the urges of the world that tell us we need instant gratification, I need to remember that being able to afford food is a huge blessing that people all over the world don't have. So I will happily look and not spend, I will have a pleasant day dream about something and walk away then I will walk out of the store guilt free having not spent one cent.

If you don't like window shopping I urge you to find a new appreciation for it. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

So I am puttting it out there!

Ok so this months post is about the new and exciting adventures Jacob and I are about to undertake. By the 9th of next month Jacob and I will be moved into a home, at the moment it is still kind of a dump but by the end of the month it will be a lovely little home to raise a family in and speaking of family I am 12 weeks into starting it! Thats right im 12 weeks pregnant today!!!! We are so excited about taking these big steps! I cant wate to take some pictures of the house so that everyone can see it. I might need my friend Kylie to come over and give me some decorating tips because I dont know what im going to do with all that space.
I am actually thinking of opening my home a few mornings and evenings for babysitting, I really want to give moms (or dads) the chance to go to the grocery store , to a dr.'s appt, or the temple, maybe even a movie without children. I'm thinking I would keep the cost fairly low since I'm beginning to learn that in the economy that your more likely to get business if you offer something for less. I will post more about it once I work out all the kinks.

This is what iv been feeling these last 12 weeks:
pure joy
pinched nerves
and lots of pressure in my abdomen

Saturday, July 24, 2010

nothing new

I know that I haven't blogged in a really long time, I feel like my life isn't exciting enough to waste my time writing a blog about it. I will keep this blog simple and short and just give a small update about our summer so far, early in the summer Jacob and I went to Snowflake and had a fantastic time, Jacob loved getting away and would not stop talking about moving there (it will never happen) it was nice to get away and we really enjoyed our short stay. Thank you Smiths for letting us use your cabin!

In June I drove up to Utah with B to go to Jessica's wedding, I was her maid of honor and was so flattered that she asked me to play such a big role in her wedding. I got to spend a lot of time with my old friend Mallory and kind of reconnect it was fun to find out what was going on in her life. Jessica was absolutely radiant! Her hair and makeup were perfect and the dress was so lovely, I had a hard time not crying as she walked down the isle, I think Jordan was in awe of her. Because I was the maid of honor I was able to give a speech and I'd like to hope that Jessica and Jordan were really moved by it.
I had my birthday on the 5th of July but I didn't do anything because Jacob was sick we stayed home all day and I catered to him, oh! we did get to spend the morning going to urgent care! what a fun day! I did get an early present that thrilled me though!
On the 6th of July I flew to CA to work/play with the family I nanny for. I went from 115 degree weather to 60 degree weather, it was so lovely! I played at the beach, took lots of lovely walks and enjoyed my time with my nanny family. My boss absolutely spoiled me and paid for all of my food, a manni and petti, and invited me to be in family pictures.
A lot of really exciting things happened so far this summer but one of those things by far is Jacob and I will be moving into a house next month! its a 2 story 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, we are going to be renting it from my mom and her partner, we cant stop talking about it! we have so many ideas for it! Now all my out of town friends ( who never come over anyway) will have somewhere to stay and i'll have a place for my sewing projects!
So that is whats happening so far! i'll try and be better and post at least once a month from now on, and i'll keep you updated on the house and our move in date!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I heart my new couch!

Like many young couples Jacob and I have hand-me-down furniture, I honestly don't mind one little bit. Its cheap or free, but used furniture is just that, USED and usually reaching the end of its life cycle if someone is just giving it to you for free. Well our couch was reaching the end of its life cycle, it was a big leather sectional that had belonged to my grandparents and was at least 15/20 years old. well that couch had a rip in the seat so big that I could fit my foot through it, so I started searching craigslist, I found one that night asking $75 for this little lovely!

It had been originally posted for closer to $300 but she was moving and as the time drew closer to the moving date the price moved down and down until last week Jacob and I picked it up for $50! I took it to my parents garage and steam cleaned it (twice, b/c it really needed it!) now its sitting in our living room being loved by us! It is so beautiful and comfortable! both sides recline (which Jacob loves!) and the couch is one solid peace, which means no cushions coming off (which I love). I do want to say fair well to our old couch, it was comfortable and provided seating for all of our guests and for all of our crap! good bye!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just wanted to blog to let everyone know what's going on with me. I got the last week off and was able to hang out for 9 straight days, it was so wonderful that I considered quitting my job and doing nothing for a living, but instead I interviewed for a second job and was hired on! I will be working with a family who have a 15 month old down syndrome daughter. I am actually pretty excited to spend time with a sweet little girl, with a sweet little spirit and who doesn't have a sassy little mouth. In all honesty I'm actually really excited to have a little extra income every month.
This week is Jacob's spring break so he has been spending his mornings sleeping in, playing video games, and talking about how he may never go back to school (he will be back next Mon.).
recently I was called to be a teacher in Relief Society and will be teaching for the first time on Sunday, I am completely Nervous! I have been sick all week and have gotten almost nothing accomplished on my lesson, so i think Sunday's lesson is going to be pretty awful! Please wish me luck that I don't tank.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I never Blog

Jacob and I were "borrowing" the Internet for the last several months, it was a wonderful time full of downloads and browsing, now we no longer enjoy our free connection to the web so until we get Internet back I will be Blogging even more infrequently then I already was.