Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I heart my new couch!

Like many young couples Jacob and I have hand-me-down furniture, I honestly don't mind one little bit. Its cheap or free, but used furniture is just that, USED and usually reaching the end of its life cycle if someone is just giving it to you for free. Well our couch was reaching the end of its life cycle, it was a big leather sectional that had belonged to my grandparents and was at least 15/20 years old. well that couch had a rip in the seat so big that I could fit my foot through it, so I started searching craigslist, I found one that night asking $75 for this little lovely!

It had been originally posted for closer to $300 but she was moving and as the time drew closer to the moving date the price moved down and down until last week Jacob and I picked it up for $50! I took it to my parents garage and steam cleaned it (twice, b/c it really needed it!) now its sitting in our living room being loved by us! It is so beautiful and comfortable! both sides recline (which Jacob loves!) and the couch is one solid peace, which means no cushions coming off (which I love). I do want to say fair well to our old couch, it was comfortable and provided seating for all of our guests and for all of our crap! good bye!