Sunday, February 1, 2009


Jacob and I have been so busy recently, we have a lot to do and very little time to do it all in. 2 weeks ago my parents took Logan to Utah with them on a trip, from what I was told he had an absolutely fantastic time! Logan also gained several new fans, including the whole Scorsby clan,and my uncle Bob who has already suggested making a visit to az in the near future specifically to see Logan. My poor mom, she goes and goes and goes w/ that kid and she rarely gets a rest. Jacob and I had a great time that week, we were able to do all those things we had been putting off and it felt wonderful to sleep in and spend time with Jacob.

sometimes its strange how quickly everything can turn around, Jacob and I had planned on spending a nice little weekend together, we woke up on sat. morning and headed out to grab breakfast, we brought it home and right as we were about to sit down to eat my mom called me, she asked me to come over to her house right away, she told me that she needed me to watch Logan b/c my dad had just gotten in a really bad accident. I guess what happened was that while he was traveling in the bike lane a van turned right in front of him, he had a little bit of time to break, so luckily he slowed down a little but not enough, he ended up crashing into them and his head and body broke out the passenger side window,this knocked him out and when he came to they called my mom.
he broke his jaw but they didn't have to wire it shut, they attached a permanent plate to it, he has a lot of cuts and bruises, his left hand looks like a rubber glove blown up because its so swollen, but over all he is ok, well he will be ok. he is alive and that is the most important thing.
I have been on major emotional overload! and I'm sick to boot. I just want all my loved ones to know how much i care about them b/c everything can change in an instant.