Tuesday, June 14, 2011

they aren't sending monkeys into space anymore

My little Sydney turned 3 months last week, its strange to me that 3 short months ago I had never met her, now that she is here it feels like there was never a time when she wasn't. Jacob and I are so happy to have this beautiful little girl in our lives and having her here feels so natural.
The things Sydney loves to do
she loves to sleep! (Mommy loves that Sydney loves to sleep)
she loves to talk, I cant believe how much she has to say.
she loves to suck her hand, she is hilarious when she goes after it.
she loves to yell at the toys that hang above her on her play mat.
she loves to snuggle with her mommy and daddy.
(Mommy and Sydney at Logans preschool graduation)
(Daddy and his smiley girl)
On sat Jacob celebrated his 28th birthday and we went out on our first real date since before Sydney was born, we went to the movies for free since we had some passes, then we picked up a box of free doughnuts from Krispy kream, then we went out to dinner with a gift card for $20 and a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more and awesome aunt Elspeth babysat for free too so our whole date cost $9!!
I had to get a summer job to make ends meet, I work at Sunsplash in their new summer camp program, its such a great program for kids during the summer. you can do a half day or a whole day, you can pay for a week or just drop the kids off last min. The coolest part (to me) is that in the morning they open the park to the kids to play before the general public is allowed in so the kids can go down slides over and over again and play in pools all they want, plus they can do laser tag and/or mini golf while they are there, and while they are inside they have arcade games that are free so the kids can play them nonstop! They provide 2 snacks and lunch during the day, they have tons of games, computers for the kids to use and lots of space to play, it is freakin awesome! This week alone I will be working at 3 different places. Its going to be a little crazy!

(sydney and Elliott, they are one day apart and buds!)
Brittany Herron and I have decided we are going to have a weekly mommy date, I am super excited to have a day to spend time socializing with my old friends once a week and hope we keep up on it, so if there are any mommys out there that want to join call or text me and we will all have a blast!