Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“Madziso haana hurombo” Translated, “The eyes know no poverty.”

I have a new love! Window shopping and day dreaming. I am finding that I actually enjoy going to a store, looking at all there stuff and walking out with noting in my hands. Today I went to Hobby Lobby and didn't even bring my purse in so that way I wouldn't be tempted. This may not be fun for everyone though, but for me I feel like I get to go out and shop, I get to day dream about where I would put this or that, and when I window shop I fit into a size six :) and the only thing I had to pay for was the gas that got me there. Yesterday I was watching a church video that said we should ignore the urges of the world that tell us we need instant gratification, I need to remember that being able to afford food is a huge blessing that people all over the world don't have. So I will happily look and not spend, I will have a pleasant day dream about something and walk away then I will walk out of the store guilt free having not spent one cent.

If you don't like window shopping I urge you to find a new appreciation for it. :)


spa said...

I did that yesterday. I found myself in the baby section and all I walked out with was a list of things I would buy if I were you.