Friday, August 27, 2010

So I am puttting it out there!

Ok so this months post is about the new and exciting adventures Jacob and I are about to undertake. By the 9th of next month Jacob and I will be moved into a home, at the moment it is still kind of a dump but by the end of the month it will be a lovely little home to raise a family in and speaking of family I am 12 weeks into starting it! Thats right im 12 weeks pregnant today!!!! We are so excited about taking these big steps! I cant wate to take some pictures of the house so that everyone can see it. I might need my friend Kylie to come over and give me some decorating tips because I dont know what im going to do with all that space.
I am actually thinking of opening my home a few mornings and evenings for babysitting, I really want to give moms (or dads) the chance to go to the grocery store , to a dr.'s appt, or the temple, maybe even a movie without children. I'm thinking I would keep the cost fairly low since I'm beginning to learn that in the economy that your more likely to get business if you offer something for less. I will post more about it once I work out all the kinks.

This is what iv been feeling these last 12 weeks:
pure joy
pinched nerves
and lots of pressure in my abdomen


Katie & Bob said...

Yea for moving into your new home!!! And also Yea for telling everyone you are prego!!!!! So much excitement in one little blog!!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! You can't see me right now, but I am jumping for joy!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see your new home too:0

LOVES! & Congrats a million times over again!

Elspeth said...

Yeah you are! I'm super excited about all of that!!

spa said...

I actually began thinking about baby clothes, and toys and blankets yesterday.

Eaton Family said...

So excited for you! You will feel all those and much more in the next few months!! So excited for your pregnacy and house!!

Bethany said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I want to see your house when it's all decorated! I love that kind of stuff!